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Another Layout Change: Adwords Listings At Bottom

Okay we know about the layout changes started early this month – the dropping of the background color in favor of the little orange ad buttons at the top left of the ads above the organic results. We noticed the dropping of the blue link lines. The Adwords listings are now showing globally for these changes.

Adwords Listings Bottom Out

Now Google seems to be testing even more different Adwords listings at the bottom of the search pages again.

Adwords listings bottom ads

This Adwords listing at the bottom of the SERPs has been done before, sometimes a repeat of the ones at the top and other times just new ads. They were dropped after a short run as I am guessing no one was getting many clicks from them. This new test may be because the dropping of the background blends them in to the other results which get clicks.

You also have to wonder why they single list the recommendations – just pushes the ads further down. But they have also shown where the Adwords listings are above the suggestions as can be seen below. These were done with no Adwords listings at the top.

no ads at top but are at bottom of Google SERPs

three at bottom with related below

If anyone else is seeing these type of results for other search terms post them below so we can keep track. So far have not found others.

UPDATE: Found it for a search on pizza – so you know they are trying some high end traffic terms now. I think Papa John’s and Little Caesar’s should be a little miffed at being regulated to the bottom while Dominoes and Pizza Hut get prime billing.

Adwords at bottom of Google SERPs for pizza

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