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Google Adwords New Measurement: Flexible Conversion Counting

If you are a relatively new user of Google Adwords many of the recent articles and especially the short video Google provided (see below) about their newly launched Flexible Conversion Counting can be a little confusing. The best explanation is in their Support Help answers page.

Let’s Talk About Flexible Conversion Counting

I play with Adwords every day and I had to watch the video twice, before going to the support article. Basically they have taken the “one-per-click” column and the “many-per-click” column and changed their names. Guess most people just used the first one and tied to their spend worked out their cost per conversion.

Now you can set up two ways to look at conversions – one that counts each individual sale a person makes after clicking through an ad – they use a cookie to track returning customers; the second way can count a number of conversion actions as one conversion – the example they use is for a person who downloads four different catalogs but you count as one conversion.

The examples used and how to set them up is decently explained in the support article. What you can now do is be creative and a little more granular – but you need to set different codes for the conversion confirmation or thank you pages of the different tracked actions. I would recommend creating different pages for them as well so you can include different upsells.

Have fun and check back – I plan on playing with this and will give you my feedback.

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