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Is Google Docs Getting Voice Typing?

The ability to do voice to text with Google Docs has been available if you were willing to use a Chrome App and do some cutting and pasting. But if the screen captures below are real the ability may soon be available completely within Docs.

Google Docs Voice to Text

google docs voice type

Google Docs Voice

Google Docs Voice To Text

Google Docs Voice to Text Prank?

The problem with this surfacing right now as a completely believable feature soon to be added is the April Fools prank about it done last year.

What argues against this being a prank is who posted the information. Marques Brownlee is a well-known YouTube video producer, with over 1.6 million Google+ followers and over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel. It would not be worth the potential loss of credibility to be sharing dubious information.

I did a Google search and there is nothing currently up in the SERPs or the news engine which makes it interesting. This could be a game changer for both Google and Microsoft. You can use voice to text with Microsoft Office products but the programs themselves are not cheap. Google Docs is free.

You have to wonder if this is a leak like the Apple phones, unintentionally escaped to the wild. Or could it be a clever promo intentionally slipped by Google.

This app would definitely have people migrating from Office and be a huge hit with the Millennials who have been using Open Office – the freeware solution many of them use now.

I will be tracking down more information so keep coming back, And if you have any information on this please share in the comments.

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