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Matt Cutts Really??? MyBlogGuest??? Why Not HuffPo???

So Ann Smarty, who has contributed a lot of valuable information to the online marketing industry for many years, starts a blog and decides not to use no follow tags. The blog takes off and why wouldn’t it given the quality of the posts and the authors contributing them.

But the evil concept of the site being a place where people go to get links is what Google sees and hands down direct ‘unnatural link’ edicts through Webmaster Tools and sites see a drop in their rankings. Instead of just downplaying the value of links from the domain – which has been done in other instances, Google swings the big bat.

When are you going to go for a real mainstream site, instead of picking one in the industry you disdain but that put you on the map and funded your growth?

The Huffington Post has to be the worse example of gaming your system that exists and yet you suckle at the teat of their bogus mind numbing content. They write 5 stories if not more about a news item – they cross link them like the link wheels of old.

The Huffington Post Sells Links

AND they outright sell links. But oh that’s right they mark them off and mention they are sponsored… REALLY Matt???

Huffington Post Sells Links

Let’s play fair. While there could have been a friendlier way to go about this – Matt you know these people and know they are not the “Black Hats” you are looking for. Just like Arrianna is not Cruella but her site is seriously guilty of the errors you hold a much smaller site up to account.

Does Google play favorites? Hmmmmmm – hiding the grin behind my hand – I would have to say NO. Really???

UPDATELike this discussion on the topic from some serious seasoned marketers. Read it and there is another video in it as well as the one below.

Matt Cutts Really??? MyBlogGuest??? Why Not HuffPo??? by

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